About Us

2NDSKIN, offers a uniquely fresh approach to luxe leather fashion. Founded in 2011 by Tynuska Mulley and Amber Stenlake, in concert with partner Terry Indra Setiawan.

What started as a ‘cottage industry concept’, our home of production has indeed developed to meet our growing demands, whereby our team remains a family unit.

Each piece is ethically designed in our Sydney or Bali studios, with our brand philosophy representing a unique balance between modern design and timeless classic must-have pieces.

2NDSKIN envelops effortless style, elegance, contemporary silhouettes, unique detail and understated luxury with each piece being hand tailored in the traditional way by master craftsman.

2NDSKIN designs are available at selectively stocked boutiques throughout Australia, at the brands flagship store located in Seminyak Bali and via our online store 2ndskinonline.com