Our Leather


Aniline leather is a very high quality product, soft & smooth to the touch!

Aniline, actually refers to the dyes that are used in making the final product, once the hides are tanned. It is a special treatment process used on the finest Napa (Lambskin) hides. This process makes it stand out among the many kinds of leather.

  • How Aniline Leather is Made – During the manufacturing process, the tanned hides are dyed in drums whereby the natural grains including all the marks, scars and wrinkles are brought to life in each hide ~ This is part of it’s beauty!
  • Quality – During the aniline dyeing process, the leather is not uniform in colour throughout due to the different rates of absorption from area to area. This is testament to the genuineness of the leather finish and adds to the finished beauty. Aniline dyeing is only suited for the highest-quality hides thus making it highly sought-after.
  • Appearance – Aniline leather shows all the natural markings, as well as scars, wrinkles and other blemishes. Tactile to the touch.


Lamb leather is a generic term that describes any leather sourced from lamb, and Nappa leather is a specific type of Lamb leather. Nappa leather, a full grain leather, soft and thin with a fine grain and buttery texture, ideal for clothing. Nappa leather is a luxury product.