Leather Care

Each 2NDSKIN luxe leather garment is created by a master craftsman, adding style to your wardrobe for many years.

Our leathers are chosen for their longevity, quality and delicate feel.

Leather is a natural material and slight imperfections in colour and texture are not a fault, they simply add to the uniqueness of each piece.

All leather items can last a lifetime, just remember to treat well!

Follow these simple steps and your 2NDSKIN leather piece will always impress:

  • DO NOT expose leather to direct sunlight or any heat source for prolonged periods of time.
  • DO NOT get wet! Never wear leather in the rain as it absorbs water quickly and can be destroyed. If your leather piece gets wet simply allow it to air dry.
  • DO NOT spray hairspray or perfume while wearing your leather items.
  • DO NOT store leather in plastic, it can’t breathe!
  • DO store your leather pieces in a temperate environment using your breathable 2NDSKIN dust bag.


We recommend you leave the cleaning of your luxe leather garment to a specialist.