Leather Care

IMG_4429Leather… more versatile than denim, hipper than cashmere and cheaper than diamonds!

Leather breathes, is durable, doesn’t wrinkle much and comes in a large variety of skins, colours and styles….Leather is the perfect partner! Leather is always cool!

Follow these simple steps and your 2NDSKIN leather item will always impress:

  • DO NOT expose leather to direct sunlight or any heat source for prolonged
    periods of time.
  • DO NOT get wet! Never wear leather in the rain as it absorbs water quickly and can be destroyed. If your leather piece gets wet simply allow it to air dry.
  • DO NOT spray hairspray or perfume while wearing your leather items.
  • DO NOT store leather in plastic, it can’t breathe!
  • DO store your leather styles in a temperate environment using the breathable 2NDSKIN dust bag.


All leather items can last a lifetime, just remember to treat well!

Leather, just like your skin needs to be cleaned and nourished to help retain its texture and appearance. Without proper care, leather will dry out, eventually cracking and stiffening.

Leather shoes and bags should be polished and conditioned regularly to preserve their life. Always choose a product that helps preserve the leather’s natural oils rather than strip them away. Simply use leather cleaner and a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt and debris. Use a leather conditioner to soothe and soften your shoes and/or bag. Once dried, apply a water-proofer sealer which acts as a repellent.

Patent Leather

Simply use a damp cloth to clean and keep shiny. Avoid contact with sharp surfaces as once the damage is done, that’s it!


Before use, please treat your suede or nubuck shoes and bags with a protective spray which will help to repel water and prevent stains. Suede cleaning blocks are great for stubborn stains. Suede brushes (normally made from brass) are also great for restoring the velvety nap of your item. Do not store your item in direct light, the colour will fade!

Python Snake Skin & Exotic Skins

Python skin handbags, boots and shoes require proper care. Python skin is known for its elasticity, strength and its beauty will only become greater as the piece ages. One of the rewards of properly taking care of a python skin item is to extend the life and get more enjoyment out of this unique skin.

Do not wear your snake skin shoes in the rain! Wet-weather or dirty terrain may cause dyes to run, resulting in water damage to the snake skin, as dyed snake finishes are not weather proof.

Do care for your treated snake skin item by wiping surface dirt using a damp cloth in direction of the scales. Brush off any excess dirt with a soft bristled brush, careful not to lift the scales. Condition your snake skin with an exotic leather conditioner (Lanolin based is best) specifically for exotic skins.

Do apply silicone water repellent; this helps to maintain the original look and prevents drying out.

Please note: All exotic skins are treated with different dyes to obtain different effects and colours. With some finishes the dye will not be sealed, instead the skin will have a more natural, raw or muted look. Snake skin scales are also prone to ‘lifting’ as they are fine scales of natural variation, texture and grain.