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Our leathers are chosen for their longevity, quality and tactile feel. Ethically sourced, sustainable skins, by-products of agriculture industries.  Leather, being a natural material will of course have slight imperfections in colour and texture and are not faults, they simply add to the uniqueness of each piece. We believe the beauty of leather only grows as it’s worn from adventure, broken in, stretched to fit… however beauty requires care!  

Now that you have a luxe 2NDSKIN leather piece, you’ll want to take care of it!

“Leather, also considered a slow-fashion material because of its ability to withstand wear and tear and last in your closet for longer than less quality materials” .

Tips & steps to ensure your 2NDSKIN piece will always impress:

PREVENTION is better than cure - To start, purchase a quality waterproof & stain repellent protector surface spray. Protectant mist sprays allow you to gently spray a layer onto the leather without it soaking in. This provides a barrier giving you crucial time to wipe any spillages off before they soak in. Apply as directed. Keep in mind that leather protectant products can change the colouring of your leather piece so please always test on an inconspicuous place. Re-apply every few months if worn regularly.

STAINS can occur! Treat a stain quickly if this happens and before it dries. Having a cleaner on hand is a good idea as you stand a good chance of removing it if it is still wet.

STORAGE hanging your leather jacket on a well-shaped hanger to maintain its shape is recommended. Fold your leather bottoms.  Store your leather in a cool temperature environment.

TRAVELLING Place your folded leather piece in your breathable 2NDSKIN muslin dust bag whereby your garment can breathe and be protected at the same time.

DO NOT expose leather to direct sunlight or any heat source for prolonged periods of time.

DO NOT get wet! Leather absorbs water quickly and can destroy it. If your leather piece does get wet simply allow it to air dry completely before hanging.

DO NOT use artificial heat to speed up the drying process!

DO NOT spray hairspray or perfume while wearing your leather items.

DO NOT store leather in plastic - It can’t breathe!

DO store your leather pieces in a temperate environment using your breathable 2NDSKIN muslin dust bag.


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